Mentimeter is an interactive online tool which can be used by teachers while taking up online lessons and presentations.Instant feedback, polls, engaging act Colleagues from Mentimeter. Abstract: With Mentimeter you can build interactive presentations with an easy-to-use online editor, directly from your browser. Add questions, polls, quizzes, slides, images, GIFs and more to your presentation to make them more engaging and fun. Create your free Mentimeter account: https://bit.ly/3jn39rkAre you struggling with Online Teaching with Zoom or MS Teams? Make it more interactive with Menti Mentimeter Instructional guide This manual will guide you through the process as a presenter/teacher on how to set up Mentimeter in order to poll or quiz students during your lectures. Step One – Getting started 1.

Mentimeter online teaching

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This series of articles explores how Mentimeter can be used to enrich the student experience and boost engagement. Part 2: Active Learning with Mentimeter Part 3: Using Mentimeter to check progress. For more help, see Getting started with Mentimeter Mentimeter polling Overview Mentimeter is an online polling tool which can add an interactive element to a lecture, presentation or recorded session. Question types include Multiple Choice, Ranking, Scales, Word Cloud and Open Ended, among others.

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Engaging and effectively teaching students from miles away means changing tactics, lessons plans and perhaps even learning new online tools to aid the transition. Mentimeter can help continue to engage and inspire your students, here are our tips on teaching strategies for the remote classroom.

Use word clouds, open-ended questions and more to start conversations and spark ideas in the classroom. Mentimeter is a simple and easy solution to engage students, gain real-time insights into their learning and comprehension whilst outside of the physical classroom. Just use Mentimeter along with a video calling platform such as Zoom to start online learning and remote teaching, learn more here. In blended/ hybrid modes of teaching Mentimeter presentations are created with speculative, opinion-based or diagnostic type questions in them and then shared with the students for completion before a ‘live’ session, or concept checking, evaluation or review questions are used and shared after a live session. Online Webinar: Improve remote teaching with guest speakers!

Mentimeter online teaching

Think of the objectives. Engage synchronously but record the sessions. Having real/live interaction and questions from students is irreplaceable. 2017-12-11 2021-03-10 2020-07-09 Mentimeter can easily be used as part of an online teaching session with Blackboard Collaborate or other video conferencing service. By sharing your sceen in Collaborate and giving students the code to your Menti you can view the results of your Menti live and as part of your teaching.
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All based around one technology Mentimeter is great for getting your students or audience to participate through their phone or device. 2019-02-20 Mentimeter allows you to build interactive presentations with an easy-to-use online editor. You can add questions, polls, quizzes, slides, images, GIFs and more to your presentation to create fun and engaging content.

Part 2: Active Learning with Mentimeter Part 3: Using Mentimeter to check progress.
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UCL has a site-wide licence for Mentimeter that you can access via your UCL account. Mentimeter is a free-to-use, interactive presentation platform that allows real-time interaction between presenters and their audiences: making meetings enjoyable, engaging, and inclusive.

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Mentimeter – Allows you to use mobile phones or tablets to vote on any question a teacher asks, increasing student engagement.

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It can also work really well in a classroom or in a presentation  Mentimeter is a web resource to add interactivity to your presentations and lectures. Caroline Cruaud (eDU) has also used Mentimeter in online teaching. Mentimeter is an online polling and presenting tool that you can use to quickly collect responses to questions. Students can use their phone or computer to  25 Jun 2018 Mentimeter helps to solve the problem of always calling on the same students by Use an Action Priority Matrix to determine which skills to teach first Aperture Education Creates Online Social and Emotional Learning Teachers of Twitter! Are you finding it difficult to engage and motivate your students when teaching online? Sign up for our free webinar to learn how to  24 Jul 2017 Mentimeter is a polling tool that provides instant feedback during lecture or viewed online as charts, with a variety of configuration options.